Strength Flying, armoured, able to curl up its armoured tail over its weakspot and fly towards the core.
Weakness Weakspot is in the front center of its body, low health.
Type Air

The Bliskeblaske is a flying enemy in Sanctum 2. It flies over towers and heads directly to the core to attack it, seemingly ignoring players. When flying, it will have it's weakspot exposed but will curl up its armoured tail over the weakspot should it take damage. The Bliskeblaske can fly quickly in the curled position, but must uncurl to attack the core.


Flying, armoured.

Tower strategiesEdit

Anti-Air towers work well at defending against the Bliskeblaske.

Player strategiesEdit

Try to hit the weakspot quickly, before it has a chance to curl up. Otherwise, you may have to wait for it to uncurl when it gets to the core.


Sanctum 2