Haigen Hawkins
Haigen Hawkins
Age 26
Height 185 cm
Weight 70 kg
Blood type O+
Duty Engineer
Weapon Shotgun

Haigen Hawkins is a Core Guardian who is a playable character in Sanctum 2. Specialising in close combat, he is able to do more damage the closer he is to enemies and has more health than any other playable character. He was first seen in Sanctum's Yogscave map as part of a hidden achievement.


A common slumdweller from the old ruins of Brightholme, Haigen Hawkins somehow managed to reach the position of Core Guardian in Elysion One. Growing up with his mother and siblings in the harsh environment of the slums made life into a constant struggle for food and money. Even with the limited access to education he constantly surprised those around him with his intellect. Haigen was considered to be an unsociable outcast by those around him. His calm and collected personality make him appear very introvert. Working stray jobs around the slums made him able to provide some stability for his family. Whenever he could he'd spend his time collecting and repairing technical gadgets and machines. By a stroke of luck (or fate, depending on who you ask) he happened to be at the right place at the right time. For some reason he received a chance to leave the slums behind and become a citizen of Elysion One, with all the benefits of a true Brightsider. Grasping his opportunity he decided to apply for military service. Despite his lanky body and quiet nature he proved himself to be one of the most promising new recruits in his year. Whether it was the slums that made him stronger or just pure willpower is hard to tell. In any case he climbed to the rank of Core Guardian and was put into a team as a mechanic and close combat soldier. He appears almost bored by everything that goes on around him but he's very observant. Haigen has an obsession to constantly question things and tries to figure out how they work. His primary trait is his incredible intelligence. He outwits anyone he talks to, if he decides to talk that is.

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