Mine Insane Maze (Cost: 60)



This walkthrough is based entirely on using weapons and describes how I finished Mine on Insane difficulty with 100% core left.

A walkthrough by CSS developer cthrive is available on the steam forums, however the walkthrough here caters to a different playstyle.


I decided to go over this guide another time, because I wasn't happy with wave 04 being so hard.


  • use the maze shown on the right, it has a good mixture of long lanes for easier sniping and some good spots that keep chargers slowed
  • learn to run through this maze backwards without getting stuck
  • you have to be quick with weapon changes (while running!)
  • hitting weak spots is a requirement, especially for wave 4
  • the basic rotation for weapons is use your freeze gun primary (slow), switch to sniper rifle and use all sniper bullets or switch to assault gun and use grenades or bullets without overheating it
  • start to slow enemies immediately when the wave begins; learn at which angle you need to fire your freeze gun slow to hit the first creeps that are far away



wave 01:upgrade sniper, assault, freeze
wave 02: nothing
wave 03: nothing
wave 04: upgrade sniper
wave 05: upgrade assault
wave 06: upgrade assault
wave 07: nothing
wave 08: upgrade assault
wave 09: upgrade sniper
wave 10: upgrade freeze
wave 11: nothing
wave 12: upgrade assault
wave 13: upgrade sniper
wave 14: nothing
wave 15: upgrade sniper
wave 16: upgrade freeze
wave 17: upgrade freeze
wave 18: upgrade freeze
wave 19: 14 lightning towers, upgrade 2 of them to 3
wave 20: upgrade 4 level 1 lightnings to level 3

wave 01Edit

10 Walkers
tactic: just shoot them in the face while running backwards in front of them
difficulty: very easy

wave 2Edit

24 Walkers
tactic: just alternate between slow (freeze primary) and one grenade (assault secondary)
difficulty: easy

wave 3Edit

80 Runners
tactic: fire 1 grenade and slow, repeat
difficulty: easy

wave 4Edit

21 Tanks
tactic: sniper their weak spots and slow them while the sniper is reloading
difficulty: easy

wave 5Edit

24 Walkers + 30 Runners
tactic: snipe a few walkers at the beginning, then just slow + grenade
difficulty: easy

wave 6Edit

18 Chargers
tactic: fire at their weak spots with assault rifle and use slow once in a while so your assault does not overheat. use the first spot with a few turns that slow them down to just stand there and get easy crits to weaken the whole wave. after the last ones passed through, immediately teleport in front of the wave (should be right before they enter the top right part of the map). if they are not dead when you get to the bridge you may need to jump while moving backwards a few times (while firing them of course), so they don't hit you.
difficulty: medium

wave 7Edit

1 big Walker
tactic: start sniping and slowing him from the start, you will need the full maze to kill him
difficulty: medium/hard

wave 8Edit

28 Walkers and 29 Runners
tactic: same as wave 5
difficulty: easy

wave 9Edit

26 Walkers and 19 Chargers
tactic: snipe a few walkers at the beginning, then start shooting chargers and keep running
most of the time (just like wave 6).
difficulty: hard

wave 10Edit

21 Tanks + 50 Runners
tactic: snipe tanks weak spot while slowing until runners catch up, then just slow + 1 grenade
until runners are dead. slow + snipe tanks again.
difficulty: medium

wave 11Edit

45 Walkers
tactic: slow + snipe the first few walkers, then just slow + 1gren them until they're all dead
difficulty: medium

wave 12Edit

7 Big Walkers + 21 Chargers
tactic: same as wave 9
difficulty: medium

wave 13Edit

36 Tanks
tactic: either snipe and slow them completely or use assault rapid fire on weak spot + slow
once they reach close range.
difficulty: easy

wave 14Edit

36 Walkers + 22 Tanks
tactic: slow + snipe tanks until walkers catch up, switch to 1gren + slow. when the walkers
are dead go back to slow + snipe or rapid fire
difficulty: easy/medium

wave 15Edit

7 Big Walkers + 21 Tanks
tactic: sniper 6 is just overkill. slow + snipe
difficulty: easy

wave 16Edit

24 Chargers + 60 Runners
tactic: start by slowing runners, so they gather up quickly and try to snipe the first chargers.
gren + slow the runners until they're dead. this should happen before the chargers reach
the top right part of the map, where they're slowed most of the time. snipe + slow works
there very well.
difficulty: easy/medium

wave 17Edit

39 Walkers + 24 Chargers
tactic: slow + snipe at the start and try to focus on the chargers. the walkers will catch up to
the chargers once again when you reach the top right part, switch to slow + 1gren there.
on the bridge this time the chargers catch up, switch back to snipe+slow and again back
to gren+slow when all chargers are dead.
difficulty: medium

wave 18Edit

7 Big Walkers + 21 Tanks
tactic: same as wave 15
difficulty: easy

wave 19Edit

21 Tanks + 24 Chargers
tactic: snipe + slow
difficulty: easy

wave 20Edit

1 Big Walker + 24 Walkers
tactic: slow + gren until walkers are dead, then snipe + slow to finish off the big one
difficulty: easy