The Shotgun is a close-range weapon that fires multiple pellets at once with a relatively high spread. Its secondary fire unloads multiple shells at once. Each shell contains eight pellets, which spread randomly when shot. The shotgun was introduced in the September 26, 2011 update.

It makes a return in Sanctum 2 as Haigen's default weapon and remains unchanged in functionality.

Attributes Edit

The primary fire rate is approximately 1.1 shots per second, and the secondary fire loads one shell every second.

It is difficult to determine the exact damage of each shell, as pre-loading shells grants a small damage modifier for each shell loaded. In addition, another damage modifier is applied if the gun is fired from a close enough range.[1]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Damage per shell 136 240 416 760 1360 2912
Damage per pellet 17 30 52 95 170 364
Damage per second (approx., primary) 150 264 458 836 1496 3203
Damage per clip 544 1200 2496 5320 10880 23296
Ammo 4 5 6 7 8 8

Sanctum 2 Edit

Shotgun S2
  • Primary Fire
    • 8-pellet shot, deals more damage the closer you are.
  • Secondary Fire
    • Charge up for increased damage.

The Shotgun in Sanctum 2 hold six shells. Secondary fire mode loads an additional shell into the gun, and all pre-loaded shells are then fired at once with the left-mouse button. If you finish building your tower defenses earlier than your team in cooperative mode, you can use the time to pre-load your shotgun.





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