Skye Autumn S2

Skye in Sanctum 2

Name: Skye Autumn Age: 28 Rank: CG-01
Personal ID: 59910 Code: 004 Blood Type: B+
Race: Caucasian Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Fiery red
Duty: Core Guardian, Squad Leader Height: 179 cm (5' 10")[1] Weight: 61 kg

Family Edit

Relation Name Profession
Sister Sweet Autumn


Core Guardian[3]
Father Unknown Soldier[2]
Mother Unknown Genetic Researcher[2]

Background Edit

Skye Autumn, the elite soldier and over the top confident badass of Sanctum 1. Assault Rifle in hand and a wry smile on her lips she is known as the one to single-handedly defended the Cores from massive hordes of bioluminescent alien creatures known as Lumes.

Growing up as the army brat daughter to one of the first Core Guardians on LOEK III she was always meant to follow that same path. Seeing her father being celebrated as a hero of the people in Elysion One inspired her to give everything and more during her training. Brought up in the sheltered environment of the Elysion Research Facility she spent all her time perfecting her skills. She cared for nothing except becoming the top ranked prospect in Guardian training. She succeeded. However, right before her graduation, her father was injured during a mission later known as "the Renfield Incident". He died shortly after. Skye’s reaction was violent and she quickly turned from being the perfect student into a merciless, patronizing ass towards people below her skill-level. She also showed little or no respect for authority which could have resulted in having her Core Guardian status removed if not for the fact that she had such raw talent in battle. Her bad attitude is simply tolerated as long as she keeps killing off Lumes for the sake of Elysion One. Skye lives for the adrenaline rush of the perfect kill and enjoys battle as if it was all a game to her. The rumour say her crazed laugh after a successful mission even makes her commanders feel uneasy. Skye herself is very well aware of her bad reputation and makes no attempt to improve it. Why would she? [4]

A few of her personal journals (dates -23 5/4 & -24 1/2) emphasize this visual personality with a "big game hunters" attitude in regards to her combat with the Lumes.


In Sanctum 2, Skye has the ability to Double Jump and deals more damage.


  • Upon victory on any given map, Skye will perform one of two dance moves: the Caramelldansen or the Melbourne Shuffle (Dexter's Lab rendition).
  • With the Rymdskor perk, Skye is able to perform a triple-jump.

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References Edit

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