2011-11-09 00001
Sanctum slums portal guide

With portals labeled.

Slums is a new DLC map added in The Old City update. It consists of a series of platforms connected by Teleporters, overlooking the Old City.

The map features a giant Penetrator railgun that aims a weak pulsing beam of energy at a huge spacecraft in the sky.


The map is comparably small and narrow due to it's nature of spreading the enemies on different levels.

Enemies enter the maze on the right side of the map. From there two teleporters lead to the upper platform and one to the lower platform.

The upper platform itself has two teleporters as well, one leading to the lower platform and one leading to the final platform in front of the core.

The lower platform then has two further teleporters that connect it to the core's platform as well.

In the center of the map is a smaller platform that enemies cannot reach but on which towers can be built.