Strength Large health pool
Weakness Repeated damage (increased damage taken per hit). Small numbers.
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Early: Assault Gun,

Late: Sniper (see Player Strategies)

Most Effective Tower Early: Gatling,

Late: Lightning (see Tower Strategies)


The Soaker is a durable creature that incurs more damage with every hit it takes, making rapid fire weapons the most effective against them.


The back of the Soaker progressively expands as it is hit.

Tower strategiesEdit

Gatling towers, especially at the front of the maze, work very well even at low levels to assist with the damage ramp up that is necessary to drain the Soaker's large health pool.

High-level Lightning towers placed late in the maze will deal large amounts of damage to a Soaker.

The Scatter Laser also does well at high levels towards the back with its relatively high damage and fast fire rate.

An optimally placed Accelerator can turn Soakers into mincemeat, but only in small numbers.

Upgrading towers at the back of the maze is significantly more effective against the Soaker than upgrading those at the front.

Player strategiesEdit

Before the Soaker's back is sufficiently large, alternate between the Freeze Gun's primary fire and the Assault Gun's primary fire. When its back is sufficiently large, kill it with the Sniper. The Freeze Gun can be particularly useful in an area that is saturated with Gatling towers.

Once the Soaker's back gets large enough, consider switching from the assault gun to the shotgun. Expect to see hits of 10k or more on a regular basis if you're immediately adjacent to the Soaker. This will (very) quickly drain the soaker's health, and the shot time for the freeze gun is just about exactly as long as the shotgun's reload time.

Sanctum 2Edit

Soakers return in Sanctum 2 with similar attributes in Sanctum, and are mainly passive towards the player. They will, however, proceed to kick the core with their front legs when in melee range.



Sanctum 2