Strength Fly over walls. Attacks players and the core from 3 blocks away.
Weakness Mouth. Stationary while attacking.
Type Air
Most Effective Weapon Assault Gun, Sniper

The Spitfly is like a smaller flying version of the Screamer introduced in Sanctum 2. It moves at a slow-moderate pace but will fly right over your walls and mazes, but won't fly out to open spaces that have no floor. It is aggressive and will start to chase players up to 5 blocks away, and attack from up to 3 blocks away.


While it is not fast and doesn't have a lot of health, the Spitfly can be difficult to kill at a range due to it's small size and even smaller weak spot, located near where the mouth would be on this creature at the lower front. unlike other attackers, if you get this spit on you it will slow you down for 3 seconds.

Tower strategiesEdit

These will usually spawn with a small group of ground forces, and usually only from 1 spawn point at a time. You might have the perfect maze, but the Spitfly doesn't care. The bounce from an upgraded Lightning will jump between the Spitfly and other ground or air Lumes, and a level 1 Violator doesn't quite one shot it. A couple medium ranged Cannon or Scatter Laser towers positioned near a bottleneck is your best bet. Or you can let your towers handle the ground troops and focus your guns on the air instead.

Player strategiesEdit

Their aggressiveness makes it easy to lure them where you want to, but having many alive at once can be deadly. If one attack hits you, more likely will because of their slow effect. The Tesla's secondary fire or the REX are great if they are grouped up, otherwise getting their attention and pumping bullets into their mouth should only take a couple seconds to kill at a close range. With the right perks a solo sniper can take one down in one or two weak spot shots.