Strength High health, damage reduction
Weakness Slow movement
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Sniper
Most Effective Tower Lightning

The Tank has very thick armor that reduces incoming damage by a set amount for each hit when its body is glowing blue.


While armor shield is active: damage reduction per hit = current wave number × 5.

Tower StrategiesEdit

The Violator deals more damage per shot to a single Tank than any other tower at the same level, and is therefore one of the more effective towers available. The Lightning tower is a close rival, as its damage per shot is almost equal to the Violator's.

The Mortar tower can deal a significant amount of damage if all the Tanks in a wave are grouped up and constantly slowed down by the Freeze Gun's primary fire.

Because of the Tank's damage reduction, Scatter Lasers and Gatlings are cost-ineffective. In particular, a max-level Gatling tower is incapable of damaging a Tank with damage resistance on wave 16 or higher. However, Ampfields contribute their part to damaging the tank even with weak weapons further waves on.

Killing Floors exceed the maximum damage output of any tower but have the disadvantage of not being able to make use of Ampfields or Holo towers. But they manage to reliably deal enough damage to the Tank's weak spot to have it drop its shield.

Player StrategiesEdit

The Tank's weak spot is located at the top of its body. Alternating between the Freeze Gun's primary fire and the Sniper rifle is the most rudimentary strategy for killing Tanks. If they cluster, then the Assault Grenade can deal appreciable damage.

The shotgun does decent amounts of damage, if you can get close enough. Close to point-blank, it will actually out-damage the sniper-rifle. SInce each shotgun blast pushes you back, however, you have to be very careful using the shotgun. If you are too far away, it won't do any damage at all.

Shooting the weak spot lowers the Tank's shield for a few seconds. If this is done just before it enters the range of your towers, it will take full damage from everything, including scatter lasers and gatling guns. It is unknown if the Damage taken to lower the shields must be dealt to the weakspot, or just from taking a certain amount of damage.