Walker Pup
Strength High numbers, relatively fast speed.
Weakness Low HP.
Type Ground

The Walker Pup is a creature that lacks any special abilities, basically a smaller version of the Walker. They are easy to kill, but come in very large numbers. They are rather weak and have a tendency to clump together, so explosives are very effective against the Walker Pup.


A completely average, if weak, creature. No special abilities but are comparatively weak and always appear in large numbers.

Tower StrategiesEdit

Area of effect Towers such as the Rocket or ACP are most effective, next to fast-firing weapons such as the Gatling. The slowing effects of the Kairos or Slow Field Dispenser are useful for gathering them into tighter clusters for better area of effect destruction.

Player StrategiesEdit

Just like with towers, area of effect weapons are the most effective, followed by fast-firing weapons. Haigen's Shotgun is also effective when used in semi-auto mode (no charging). Sweet's fire effects are especially effective due to the low health of the Walker Pups. They will attack players who get too close, which can be used to kite them into a tighter cluster for better elimination through area of effect damage. They don't do very much damage and don't have very much health, making their sheer numbers their only threat.