60px-Walker Warrior

Walker Warrior Icon

Walker Warriors are lumes in both Sanctum and Sanctum 2 that act like the normal Walker but are a lot more powerful. Luckily because of that, they only appear in gatherings of around 1-10. They appear in most maps in the game including the DLC packs and can have around 15K health points.


Walker Warriors move at the same speed Walkers do. However, their attacks to players are more complex than the Walkers. When the player is up close to one, they usually slam on the ground to create a small shockwave to harm the player. Another mode of attack is by jumping high up into the air and slamming the ground creating a bigger shockwave. This can easily be dodged by jumping up into the air before the creatures hits the floor. 


Most towers are effective in suppressing Walker Warriors. Their weakspot can be found in their eye.